Important Note!

Offline Viewing after December 31st , 2020:

Articulate is no longer supporting their Articulate Mobile Player app. This means that if you update your tablet after this date, you may not be able to download or view the modules using the app.

Online viewing after December 31st, 2020:

You can still use the modules on your tablet if you have internet access. Simply click the ONLINE tab at the top of this webpage and click on a module to view it.

NB teachers please note:

Your dedicated FLORA tablets will not be updated after December 31, 2020. Therefore, you will be able to continue downloading from this webpage and using the modules offline.

Minimum Requirements

Did You Download the Articulate Mobile Player App?

If not, please close this window and follow the instructions on main page.

The Articulate Mobile Player app provides you with a library that you will use to view and store the FLORA modules. Your library will be empty when you first download the app. You'll need to follow the instructions below to download FLORA modules into your library.

Downloading a Module

Note: Please don't skip steps 4 to 6!

Once you have the Articulate Mobile Player app on your device, to add a module to the Library, follow these steps:
  1. On the DOWNLOAD page (where you just clicked the link to open these instructions), select the icon for the module that you want to download.
    Step 1

  2. Select the Launch button. (Note that Android tablets may skip this step and the next one. If this happens, go directly to step 4.)
  3. Select Open.
  4. Even though the module will appear, be sure to select the Library button in the upper left corner of the screen. (It's very important to do this and the next two steps!)
    Step 1

  5. In the Library, select the icon for the module that you want to download.
    Step 1

  6. In the Information box that displays, slide the Available Offline button to Yes. You will see a progress bar indicating that the module is downloading. (Be patient and let the whole thing download!) This will allow you to view the module without internet.
    Step 1

  7. Once the module is downloaded, select the Play button at the top of the Information box to view the module. If you do not want to view the module at this time, touch the screen anywhere outside of the Information box to close it.

Note 1: If you do not complete steps 4 to 6, you will be streaming the module from the website, and it may not function properly.

Note 2: If you experience problems with a module, first delete it from the tablet by going to the Library, touching the module icon for several seconds and then selecting the X button that appears. Once the module has been deleted, follow the steps above to download the module again.