• Why are the graphics and animations in this module loading so slowly? It sounds like you have not actually downloaded the module and are streaming from the site. Go back to the step-by-step instructions and read steps 5 and 6.
  • Why is my module frozen? If a module or the app is left open and not used for a long period of time, you may encounter problems. Close the Articulate Mobile Player app and open it again.
  • One of the modules is not working and I've tried opening and closing the app. What should I do? Delete the module from the tablet by going to your Library, touching the module icon for several seconds, and then selecting the X button that appears. Once the module has been deleted, download it again.
  • Why is it taking so long to download a module? These are big files. If your internet is slow, it may take a little while. When the progress bar disappears, you'll know that the module has fully downloaded. You can then view the module without internet.
  • Can I download multiple modules at one time? You can download all of the modules on your device if you have enough memory, but please download them one by one.
  • Do I have to download a module to view it? If you have high speed internet, you may be able to stream the modules in the Articulate Mobile Player app without downloading them. However, to reduce the strain on bandwidth that is being experienced at this time, if possible, please follow the step-by-step instructions to download and view the modules offline. As well, if your internet is not high speed, the modules will run more smoothly if you download them.